Smart Monorail

New Paradigm of Tomorrow e-Mobility


 Monorail for Urban Transportation(46 passengers) AGT

  • · Korea’s First Urban Tour Monorail
  • · Adoption of 2-volume one-piece/tire-driven/three-lane rail structure at 20 km/h
  • · Achieve light rail-level operational performance and safety
  • · Advanced Control System and Battery Automatic Exchange System
  • · Application of Self-driving Driven Unmanned Driving System
  • · Intelligent Central Control and Control System Application


General specifications Vehicle Size L(15.3m) * W(2,38m) * H(3,5m)
Seater 23+23 46 Seater
Performance Driving speed 20km/h
Maximum isometric angle
Driving method Tyre drive method
Power redundancy 120KW Power redundancy
Integrated control MFC, Integrated control through VCU
Battery/Charge LIB/Battery Automatic Replacement System
Safety device Stop device Regenerative braking by a deceleration sensor
Collision Prevention System 200m Attaching the object detection sensor
Buffer bumper system Protects the vehicle with spring-loaded buffer bumpers and power cuts
Follow-up device 500m Automatic follow-up of magnetic flux before medium distance interval
Braking device Regenerative braking, electronic braking, rapid braking triple safety system
Derailment Prevention System Up-and-down derailment roller method