Electric Mobility Technology Creation


 e-Transmission Features

Item Advantage(%)
Max Speed 50%
Climbing ability 50%
Distance 10%

 Where to apply e-Transmission

 Applies to various e-Mobility with One wheel to Four wheel arrangement

 Applies to various grades of e-Mobility depending on vehicle output from 50cc to 500c

 Automatic Transmission E1
Inwheel type 2speed e-transmission

 Inwheel type Features

  • · Two-speed automatic transmission with an in-wheel motor and gearbox integrated structure
  • · Implementation of a shift mechanism with a clutch device and an optimized gear structure inside the wheel
  • · Products optimized for 50cc or less grade e-Mobility
  • · High power performance and improved mileage with 1-speed and 2-speed transmission Abyss

 Applicable Model

  • · Two-wheeled electric motorcycle
  • · Electric bicycle
  • · Electric wheel

 Automatic Transmission E2
Outwheel type 2speed e-transmission

 Outwheel type Features

  • · Implementation of shift mechanism to improve energy efficiency of 2-speed automatic transmission with outwheel structure with high performance and layout optimized
  • · Application of mechanical properties and design for high performance
  • · Products optimized for 80cc ~ 250cc grade e-Mobility

 Applicable Model

  • · Two-wheeled electric motorcycle
  • · Reverse three wheel electric motorcycle
  • · Reverse three-wheeled electric vehicle

 Automatic Transmission E3
Differential gear type 2speed e-transmission

 Differential gear type Features

  • · Realize driving stability and high power performance of 2-speed automatic transmission with integrated differential gear structure for 3-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles
  • · Implementation of shift mechanism for optimal layout and improvement of mileage
  • · Products optimized for 100cc ~ 500cc grade e-Mobility

 Applicable Model

  • · Three wheel electric motorcycle
  • · Three-wheeled electric vehicle
  • · Four wheel electric vehicle