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EMTC의 e-Mobility Line-up
EMTC develops a new e-Scoater-specific platform with optimized balance to deliver differentiated performance and quality.

 Electric Scooter EM5

 EM5 Features

  • · A high-performance model developed as an e-Scooter dedicated platform
  • · High-performance and high-efficiency provided with outwheel type automatic transmission
  • · Provides a top speed of 90 km/h and a climbing ability of 42%
  • · Provides a driving range of 120km by installing a large-capacity, high-performance battery pack


Item EM5
General dimension Overall length(mm) 2,010
Overall width(mm) 780
Overall height (mm) 1,250
Wheel base (mm) 1,400
Number of passenger 1+1
Driving motor Rated output (kw) 3
Transmission Outer type 2 speed
Performance Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Climbing performance (%) 42
Mileage per battery charge (km) 120