Electric Mobility Technology Creation

Company History

09. Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Selection
08. Technology innovation target ‘money-to-day’ supervising business unit, sponsored by the Department of the Environment
06. Capital increase(7 billion Won)
01. Inno-Biz certification
01. The electric locomotive direct production registration
09. Root Company Certification
08. CLEAN Business establishment recognition
08. Risk assessment excellent business establishment
08. Transfer of the main branch(309-8 Danwon-gu Coast Road, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do)
07. ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System
03. Accreditation for the establishment of an affiliated research center
03. Bicycle manufacturer registration
12. Relocation of the main office and registration of factory (Ansan, Gyeonggi-do)
04. EMTC, establishment of a corporation

Development History

with Experts Group Profile
High Performance e-Scooter Proto Development
Three wheel Gyro e-Scooter Proto Development
50cc General type e-Scooter Proto Development
Reverse three wheel Micro-Mobility Proto Development
(Joint Katech, Kaist, Hwashin, Elentec, KCmotors, U2system)
Differential Integral Auto e-Transmission Development
Outer type Auto e-Transmission Development
Inwheel type Auto e-Transmission Development
Traction type Smart Monorail Development
Stand Alone type Smart Monorail Development
Hybrid '7ton' Forklift Truck Proto Development (Point Hyundai Heavy Industries)
Philippines e-Trike Proto Development(ADB Project)
CVT-equipped e-Scooter "Voltric" Proto Development
CVT (Uninterruptible Transmission) Development for e-Scooter
Mass production e-Scooter “Ionic” Development
OLEV e-Train Development (Joint Kaist)
NEV “c-Zone” Variation Models Development
NEV “e-Zone” Variation Models Development
FSEV “C²” Proto Development