Smart Monorail

New Paradigm of Tomorrow e-Mobility

Inclined Type

 Monorail(30~60 passengers) Inclined type

  • · Monorails for 30 to 60-seat slopes
  • · Suitable for workplaces requiring mass transport capabilities
  • · Battery-based electrical (hybrid) application
  • · Reliable vehicle operation in the event of a power failure


General specifications Vehicle Size L(4,800mm)×W(2,500mm)×H(3,500mm)
Maximum acceptance 30 Seater ~ 60 Seater
Performance Driving speed 60m/m ~ 90m/m accelerated operation
Maximum isometric angle 30˚
Tilting method Two-way tilting method
Driving method Rack & Pinion
Motor AC 67KW
Integrated control VCU Redundant Integrated Control